Fake Oakleys X Pas Normal Studios Radar EV Path

Beloved by the community and widely considered an all-time classic for sport eyewear, fake Oakleys Radar EV Path forged its way to the Pas Normal Studios collection by cyclist demand. Featuring a glossy bone colored frame, purple contrasting Ellipse icons and black Unobtainium earsocks, this color-combination is timeless like the chassis it decorates. Combining everything we learnt from decades of research with the world’s best athletes. The lens is laser etched with a Pas Normal Studios logo between the eyebrows as a distinctive signature from the Copenhagen cycling brand.

Frame material

O Matter, as one of the core frame materials of the fake Oakleys, is widely praised in the industry for its lightness and durability. It is constructed of synthetic material that is not only lightweight but also has excellent impact resistance, providing the user with excellent comfort and safety. In Radar EV Path sunglasses, Oakley’s collaboration with Pas Normal Studios brings the advantages of O Matter material to the extreme.

The design of fake Oakleys Radar EV Path sunglasses focuses on lightweight, and the use of O Matter frame effectively keeps the overall weight to a minimum. This not only allows the wearer to wear them for a long time without feeling discomfort, but also maintains stability during exercise without affecting the flexibility of movement due to the weight of the glasses.

What makes O Matter materials unique is its flexibility and moldability. This material is resistant to deformation and is able to withstand the challenges of daily use, maintaining the shape and stability of the glasses. Moreover, the plasticity of the O Matter frame also provides designers with more creative space, making the appearance of fake Oakleys Radar EV Path sunglasses more fashionable and personalized.

O Matter material also has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can maintain good condition in various harsh environments. This makes Radar EV Path sunglasses not only suitable for daily life, but also can play their advantages as sports equipment in outdoor activities, providing reliable protection for the wearer.

The lightweight O Matter frame material used in fake Oakleys Eyewear products. I believe that with the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, the field of sunglasses will usher in more excellent products similar to Radar EV Path, bringing more convenience and enjoyment to people’s lives.

No-slip grip

One of the core features of the fake Oakleys X Pas Normal Studios Radar EV Path sunglasses is their unique Unobtainium ear tips and nose pads. Unobtainium, Oakley’s patented technology, is a high-performance rubber material that provides excellent grip and anti-slip properties to keep your sunglasses secure even during strenuous exercise.

The design concept of Unobtainium earmuffs and nose pads reflects fake Oakleys and Pas Normal Studios’ ultimate pursuit of details. The curved design of the earmuffs and nose pads is perfectly integrated with the overall structure of the sunglasses, which not only increases comfort but also enhances the wearing experience. Whether you’re cycling, running or doing other sports, these sunglasses fit your face tightly and won’t slip due to sweat, ensuring you always stay focused on your sport.

The patented Unobtainium material makes fake Oakleys’ earmuffs and nose pads, providing excellent grip and anti-slip properties. This ensures that the glasses securely fit on the face even during intense exercise or in hot and humid environments. Not easy to slip off. At the same time, Unobtainium material is also soft and durable, not easily deformed, and will not cause discomfort to the face when worn for a long time.

The comfort experience provided by fake Oakleys Unobtainium earmuffs and nose pads is amazing. The unique properties of its material make it almost impossible to feel any pressure or wear when wearing the glasses, as if light feathers are gently covering the face, making people forget that the glasses exist. Whether performing strenuous exercise, long hours at work or daily life, Oakley Unobtainium earmuffs and nose pads can give users the ultimate comfort experience, allowing them to focus on every moment of life.


Oakley’s core technology – HDO (High Definition Optics), namely HD optical technology. HDO technology is Oakley’s proud optical standard, enabling unmatched optical clarity and accuracy through optimized lens design and manufacturing processes. This technology not only improves the impact resistance of the lens, but also greatly reduces the scattering and distortion of light, allowing you to enjoy a clearer and more realistic vision when you are outdoors.

In the new Radar EV Path sunglasses, fake Oakleys combines HDO technology with Pas Normal Studios’ design philosophy to deliver an original look and superior performance. The designers have crafted the sunglasses with Radar EV Path and endowed them with a large lens coverage area, effectively enhancing the breadth and depth of the field of view, ensuring you won’t miss any details due to lens limitations while in motion.

HDO technology is not just a simple lens coating, but a comprehensive optical technology innovation designed to provide the highest levels of visual clarity, optical accuracy and durability. Compared to traditional lenses, HDO technology reduces glare, protects your eyes from UV rays, and improves contrast and color accuracy, allowing you to enjoy a clearer and more comfortable view during outdoor activities.

fake Oakleys

The HDO lenses used in knockoff Oakley sunglasses X Pas Normal Studios Radar EV Path not only provide visual protection, but also have excellent impact resistance, which can effectively prevent external debris or other objects from causing damage to the eyes, providing users with a safer outdoor experience.

The application of HDO high-performance protective lens technology makes this sunglasses reach the industry leading level in terms of visual clarity, optical accuracy and impact resistance, bringing users a new outdoor experience.

Unique micro bag packaging

Fake Oakleys This design not only reflects the brand’s emphasis on product protection, but also demonstrates its excellence in details. Micro-bag packaging is not only lightweight and convenient, but also effectively protects sunglasses from damage from the external environment, providing consumers with a convenient way to carry and store them. Soft safety boxes and custom box covers actively enhance the overall protection of the product, ensuring that the sunglasses remain undamaged during transportation and storage.

The unique packaging design of fake Oakleys In the future, we look forward to seeing more brands innovate in packaging design to bring more surprises and convenience to consumers.