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AKLEY Oakley is a famous American sunglasses brand with the Big O logo. They make versatile sunglasses for all kinds of sports people.

Today we are launching a new line of beautiful and affordable sunglasses.The main advantage of this kind of oakley sunglass is that it has a relatively low cost performance. At the same time, compared with other glasses, its price is more affordable, which is suitable for students or young people who have just come out to work.

The structural design of the replica oakley sunglasses allows for a wider view, a three-point support designed specifically for Asian face shapes to improve stability, and a radical full-frame design to improve impact resistance, while the large frame also provides some protection to the face. The upper and lower edges of the frame are equipped with ventilation holes, which can effectively prevent overheating and fog, while maintaining clear vision. The most attractive feature of this pair of oakley sunglass is the Switchlock fast change frame opening and closing design, in addition, the length of the mirror leg can also be adjusted through the lock buckle. The frame is Unobtanium and ear pad, so it is more comfortable to wear and suitable for riding. fake oakley sunglasses – 100% UV protection, Iridium coating effectively reduces glare.

Ray Ban is a brand of pilot glasses

Cheap Ray Bans is a brand of pilot glasses created by Bausch & Lomb for the U.S. Army Air Force in the 1930s. In the 1920s, the development of aviation technology allowed planes to fly higher and farther, but pilots reported that the harsh sunlight made them dizzy; in 1929, General John MacCready of the United States Army Air Forces told Dr. Lun asked for help, hoping they could create a pair of glasses that would reduce the dazzling blues and whites of the sky so his pilots wouldn’t get dizzy.

In 1936, Bausch & Lomb manufactured its first sunglasses, called “Anti-glare,” and renamed it “Ray-Ban Aviator” the following year. To this day, “Aviator” is still a very popular series of Ray-Ban sunglasses. In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold the Ray-Ban brand to the Italian eyewear company Luxottica Group for US$640 million. Since then, Ray-Ban has gradually become the flagship brand of Luxottica.

knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses, if they have the word “P”, indicate that they are polarized lenses; those without the word “P” are ordinary lenses, and I do not recommend buying them. Ray-Ban sunglasses are well-known in China, and the lens quality is also very good. It can be said that if you are picky, it is always right to choose Ray-Ban.

ray ban men’s sunglasses

Rb3025 Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Polarized lenses improve clarity and contrast, reduce glare and eyestrain

Wide choice of frame and lens colors

Available in a variety of sizes

made in Italy

Rb4264 Chromance Rectangular Sunglasses

Six-layer anti-reflection treatment to eliminate reflections and glare

Lightweight plastic frame for maximum comfort

100% UV Protection

Rb3183 Rectangular Sunglasses

Multiple frame colors and lens treatments

Available in polarized, gradient or solid colors

metal frame

100% UV Protection

Rb2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses

Frames are made of durable acetate

Wide range of lens colors available, prescription lenses available

RB3025 Classic Mirror Aviator Sunglasses

timeless style

Great styling, performance and comfort combine

High quality crystal glitter mirror

Various lens colors are available

Rb4171 Erika Round Sunglasses

The perfect must-have accessory for a stylish look

A variety of colors are available

Lenses include polarized lenses, progressive lenses and solid color lenses

Rb1971 Square Sunglasses

Various lens colors are available


made in Italy

RB4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses

Modern lightweight nylon frame and stylish rectangular lens design

Multiple frame colors and lens treatments

Available in polarized, gradient and non-polarized

Prescription lenses available

Cheap Oakley & Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet Sale Online

How to choose a pair of Oakley or Ray Ban sunglasses that suit you? We all know that Ray Ban has two sunglasses that last a long time. And from the first model to the present, Ray Ban sunglasses have been optimizing and changing them.

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As a result, many different models of Ray Ban sunglasses have been derived, and of course other brands have also been imitated. You must know the two series of pilots if you wear this sunglasses.

The classic of the two series, the famous Oakley sunglasses model is a lot, whether it is color, shape or comfort, which let everyone wearing them praise. The different models of Ray Ban sunglasses in these two series are similar. The difference is only in the material, the color of the lens, the shape of the leg, the color of the leg. What’s more, there are many series of these products in cheap ray ban store. And each series stands for its style and has different types for you!

Furthermore, in this age of personality, Ray Ban sunglasses have become an important measure of a person’s fashion or not.In the face of thousands of styles of sunglasses. How to select a pair with their own “match” sunglasses? Here we go!

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Firstly: Oakley Sunglasses “match” the shape of the face and hair. As for the round face: a person with a round face is not fit to wear round or curved sunglasses. Because the round frames will emphasize facial plump, which is lack of contrast beauty. Therefore, we should choose a butterfly frame slightly wider than your face and framed upward to make your face look angled and angled. We should avoid round, light or childish frames. As for the the elliptic face,they are suitable for wearing wide framed sunglasses to make the face look wide and reduce the length of the face.. Thin-edged metal frame or frame less sunglasses that are not be worn by them!

As for apricot face: That is suitable for sunglasses with light color, thin metal frames or no frames. You can reduce the weight of the upper face, so that the upper half of the already wide face is more expansive.

Secondly: The “perfect match” between Oakley sunglasses and nose.

As for the larger nose who can select larger frame to balance, the smaller frame will make the nose more prominent. As for the longer nose who ca choose a wide-sided frame can distract attention forward or upward. And as for the smaller nose who can choose light color, and a higher nasal bridge with other parts of the face make your nose look longer .

In the market there are many Oakley and Ray Ban sunglasses, and more and more friends are particularly fond of Ray Ban sunglasses. However, I don’t know which one is your taste? Come to the Ray Ban store and have a look!